Croatia Package

Croatia is one of Europe’s most fashionable place to visit, which has been thoroughly worked over by the tourist industry. It lie in between Central Europe, Southeast Europe, and the Mediterranean. Croatia’s Adriatic sea coast contains more than a thousand islands which is a wonderful destination for the tourists. Croatia have a cultural blend of central europe and Mediterranean that gives Croatia its particular flavour.
The Croatian tourism has spun off in a number of positive directions recently. Whether backpackers or touring families, long-distance cyclists, yachters or spa-hotel surfers, all travellers have seen a big leap forward in the range and quality of what the country has to offer.Croatia has a growing reputation for niche festivals like weekend party, music events held on beaches and in abandoned factories and ancient sea-forts up and down the coast, arts festivals and small-town cultural shindigs.

Croatia is blessed with a wealth of natural richnes, boasting almost 2000kms of rocky, indented shore and more than a thousand islands, many blanketed in luxuriant vegetation.
From the touristic point of view, Croatia is famous for Swimming and Seafood, art and archipelagos. Undoubtedly you will be blessed with all this aminities in an all- inclusive package…!

For an all-inclusive package in this luxuriant land for a very reasonable price, please contact our office. Tel. 0041 78 691 19 63

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